About Us

about us

Tezta Ltd was founded in 2004. Based in Hong Kong we provide clients in Asia with new and innovative products. Our products range from exclusive high quality wheels to full engine upgrade systems and ECU tuning.

From 2004 to 2010 we have been working with various companies to give our clients the best products money can buy, we like to work with exclusive brands which is why we only carry a few at a time. Many companies feel the need to sell as many products as possible however at Tezta we want to be able to focus on what we are selling and make sure we represent the products with our best ability.


Our Skills and Knowledge

  • ECU tuning
  • Exhaust installation
  • Mounting/balancing wheels
  • Tire sourcing
  • Exotic vehicle sales
  • Import/Export automobiles
  • Event organizing for car gatherings/rally's
  • OEM parts
  • Traveling for overseas clients